You are not alone

Have you been through the wringer, seen the other side of hell and back, and now you are ready to take on the world?

Is it time to stop ‘just existing’ and start living?

Don’t worry.  We can help.

Our Promise

At My Metamorphosis we provide an online peer support and mentoring service for trauma affected women over 40.

We can show you how to navigate through: 

✔️ untethering the past
✔️ undoing coping behaviours
✔️ releasing toxic habits
✔️ embracing your strengths

Living Beyond Trauma

Are you adulting with your eyes shut and hoping that it all turns out okay?  Do you feel like you don’t know what you are doing and you are just praying no-one notices you’re a fraud?  In life?  At work?  With anything? 

Don’t worry.  We can help.  



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